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The Most Important B2B Marketing Metrics for CEOs

What do CEOs want most from their B2B marketing team? Clarity. They want to see results that clearly show their company’s marketing efforts are working and increasing ROI.

CEOs expect to hold their marketing leaders accountable for reaching or surpassing their numbers, just like their sales leaders.

CEOs can get frustrated when the only metrics they receive from lead marketers include sales lead activity KPIs, ambiguous brand data, and engagement reports. They want their metrics to be tied directly to revenue.

Quick Takeaways:

ROI and customer acquisition cost are two of the top metrics B2B marketing executives want to see most. Knowing which metrics to focus on will help you execute, track, and analyze your marketing initiatives strategically and with confidence. Reporting on big-picture KPIs will offer your executives more clarity and give them faith in your marketing efforts. The Most Desired Metrics in B2B Marketing

According to a recent survey conducted by Demand Gen Report, the most desired metrics B2B marketing executives want to see moving forward include:

ROI by channel Deeper account-based marketing metrics ROI by content influence Cost of customer acquisition Closed-won deal analysis

40% of marketers believe they should improve their ability to measure and analyze marketing performance. Due to a desire to prove how marketing efforts impact a business’s pipeline and revenue and gain insights on buyer interests, 82% of marketers plan to prioritize enhancing their reporting abilities.

Source: MarketingCharts

B2B Marketing Metrics that Will Give Your CEO More Clarity

Every CEO cares about the lifetime value of a customer (LTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC), which we’ll cover below. But that’s not all you should include in your marketing reports to prove the success of your efforts.

Here are the most important marketing metrics for CEOs. Tracking and analyzing these big-picture KPIs will give you a competitive edge and clarify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. That way, your CEO will have no doubts about the value of your team’s contributions.

1. Marketing Influenced Customer Percentage

This metric will show you what percentage of new customers were influenced by your marketing efforts. To calculate this ratio, take the total number of new customers who interacted with a marketing activity and divide it by the number of new customers you signed up within the same period.

Questions to Answer

How are your marketing investments impacting sales productivity? What’s the impact on your company’s sales pipeline? How are your efforts impacting revenue velocity? 2. Marketing Originated Customer Percentage

Show your CEO what percentage of new business marketing is driving. To calculate this ratio, take the number of new customers you signed up in a specific period. Then figure out what percentage of them started as a marketing-generated lead. This measurement is much easier to track if you have a closed-loop marketing analytics system.

Questions to Answer

What percentage of your customers are marketing-generated? How much of your revenue can you attribute to sales leads coming from demand generation efforts or

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