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The Founder’s Zodiac: The College Student’s Star Map to Starting a Small Business

After studying some of the one million business owners who use Shopify, we discovered that founders tend to fall into one of five personality types. Which one are you? Start with our quiz.

Summer solstice is approaching, Stargazers, and with it comes long, hot days. For those of us in the full-time working realm who have a few vacation days saved, summer is a time to sit back and sip some sunshine. But if you’re a college student, summer may look more like opportunity—opportunity to reduce tuition debt, gain some real world experience, and set yourself up with a flexible side gig once classes resume.

The future is bright for those who seize it. Even better news: there are ways to design your summer around something you enjoy, where you set your own hours and make money. There is no shortage of clever small business ideas for college students. But which one is right for you? Well, it might depend on your entrepreneur personality type. 

In short, your summer startup should reflect your interests and leverage your strengths. Join us as we explore ways to make the most of your summer break and answer questions like:

  • Which is the best business for college students like me?
  • What is the best business for beginners?
  • What are the most successful small businesses?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are the benefits of starting a business as a college student?

    ✨ Shortcuts

    You’re done with exams, young Stargazer, but we have just one more test. We need to know a little more about you so we can make recommendations tailored to your unique personality. Take the quiz below and sign up to join the Founder’s Zodiac community. Already know your Founder Sign? Skip ahead.

    7 benefits of starting a business as a college student

    If I could leap back in time, do it all over again, I’d have dipped my toes in entrepreneurship much earlier. The lessons I learned from side gigs have helped me grow personally and professionally. There are several benefits to pursuing business ideas in college—and it’s not too late for you to cash in on them:

    📊 Gain real world experience in business. Sure business school can teach you theory and formulas, but there’s nothing like doing business to learn the ropes.  🛠 Learn skills that may not be taught in the classroom. Strengthen your skills in empathy, delegation, stress management, customer service, and more. Student entrepreneurs have a leg up on fellow graduates once they hit the job market. The skills you learn outside the classroom become just as valuable as those learned in a lecture.  🤝 Build your professional network. By the time you graduate, you already have a contact list full of people to approach for references, mentorships, and even jobs. 👩🏻‍🎓 Try out an industry before you graduate. Studying fashion management? Try running your own business selling clothes online

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