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The 50 Best Startup Tools For 2021

Whether you’re thinking about launching a business in 2021 or working on growing one, you probably recognize and understand the importance and value of tools.

The fact is, you can’t do it all on your own – no matter how savvy you are. To build or grow a startup in 2021, you need to invest in tools that can help you optimize, automate, and improve every working part of your business – from sales and marketing to employees and customers.

But here’s the problem: There are a TON of tools out there (and more introduced every day). In marketing alone, you have over 8,000 tools to pick from. How do you know which ones to choose? How do you know which are a waste of time and which can actually help you grow your business and reach your goals?

It’s not easy, but we put a list together to make it a little more manageable. In this post, we’re listing the 50 best startup tools and resources you should consider using in 2021. You might not need all of them at the same time, but we’re guessing at least a handful of these would be beneficial for you to investigate, no matter what stage of development or growth you’re in.

We’ve organized the tools into ten main categories: marketing, sales, data, customer support, project management, productivity, back-office, social, employees, and learning.

Take a look at our list of the 50 best startup tools and resources that will help you grow your startup in 2021.

Marketing Tools for Startups

Use these marketing tools for startups to optimize your online presence and do more with less.

1. Sumo

Sumo is a free tool for capturing email addresses and collecting lead information. Take your pick from over a dozen different welcome mats, triggered popups, smart bars, and more. Sumo offers a paid version too, but the freemium is adequate for most startups.

2. Kissmetrics 

Kissmetrics gives you a comprehensive view of the buyer’s journey and customer behavior. Use the data to create personalized website experiences and reach your leads with more effective content.

3. AnswerThePublic

Digital ads are a waste of time and money. Content marketing is the best tool startups have for reaching targeted audiences and building brand awareness. AnswerThePublic can help you churn out hundreds of content ideas.

4. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the best tools for startups because it helps you create an awesome digital experience (DX) across each platform. This is especially critical with Google’s Core Web Vitals update set to prioritize websites based on DX.

5. BuzzSumo

Find the best-performing social media content across all platforms with BuzzSumo.

Startup Tools for Sales

Lead nurturing, understanding the journey, developing presentations, connecting with leads, and more – these sales tools for startups meet every need.

6. Drip

Make automation work for you with customized drip campaigns for SMS and email.

7. Close

Close is a contact relationship management system built specifically for sales times.

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