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Is Content Marketing Becoming the New SEO?

If you were to step back in time into a marketing conference from a decade or so ago, content marketing SEO would be the buzzword you’d hear on everyone’s lips.

But back then, content was only a vehicle for injecting keywords into blog posts and other website content. Lots of them. Because, you know, SEO. And if you didn’t stuff your content full of them, the divine bots wouldn’t grace your posts and web pages with the number one position in the search results.

Back then, the more keywords and the weirder you’d arrange them, the higher your site would rank. You know, stuff like “best software NYC” used just so. If you dared insert an “in” or a “for” to make it read less awkwardly, you’d get a nastygram from your SEO team.

As a result, it’s downright embarrassing to read awkwardly worded blog posts from that era that content teams haven’t taken the time to update. As an aside, that alone makes a great argument for doing content audits – and doing them often.

But thankfully, things have undergone a sea change since then. Although content marketing isn’t the new SEO, top-quality content is becoming the definitive factor in optimizing your site to rank high in Google searches.

And it’s not so much the keywords these days. It’s more about how you use them and related words in an article that’s so helpful to your target market that they share it with their friends and colleagues.

Quick Takeaways: Quality content is one of the main factors in ranking high in searches for what you sell. Leverage content strategies that will partner with SEO to deliver the ultimate in value to your audience. The higher value you bring to your audience, the higher you’ll rank in searches. The Relationship Between SEO and Content Marketing: It’s Complicated

Search engine optimization (SEO) goes well beyond keywords these days. While several back-end factors help you rank better, such as page loading speed and mobile optimization, content has taken on new importance in an effective SEO strategy.

To rank at the top of search results, your content must be of such high authority that it attracts the attention of respected industry professionals. So much so that they link to it in their own content.

Links are the currency of today’s search engines, and only the most informative content earns enough links to catapult it to the top of search results for your chosen keywords.

Including structured data in your content, too, can land your site even above paid search, at “position zero.” Structured data – data organized in a manner that both computers and humans can recognize and access easily – has risen in importance for SEO.

Including images, lists, and other enhancements that answer user queries is an effective strategy, as is answering common questions people ask about your topic on voice searches. Include keyword-rich meta descriptions for your content and tags on your visuals.

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