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How CMOs Can Keep Marketing Organizations Agile in Changing Times

The challenges we are facing have changed how we communicate with consumers and market our products and services.

We’ve had to quickly uproot some of the traditional methods we’ve used for years to adapt to new business practices and accommodate unique needs.

Here are some emerging trends we’re seeing this year and expect to see more of in the future:

Businesses are more boldly standing for or against political and social issues publicly. The importance of marketing has increased for most businesses. Yay us! Marketers are more optimistic than ever before. Customer experience, trust, and product quality are quickly becoming top priorities for customers. More marketers are beginning to implement AI and machine learning.


How can chief marketing officers empower their organizations to remain nimble in changing times? Where should you place your focus in 2021 and beyond to set your company up for growth and success?

We’ll dive into 11 crucial strategies you can implement in your business – not just to survive unexpected turbulence but to also stand out from competitors, build trust with consumers, and grow confidently into the future.

Key Takeaways

The most successful CMOs will be willing to reinvent their roles, get their hands a little dirty, think creatively, and challenge the status quo. To remain agile during uncertain times, you should focus on short-term planning, consider outsourcing to fill talent gaps, be proactive, and prioritize building brand loyalty over winning new customers. Understanding how your organization fits into society can help you remain relevant and address current challenges and concerns authentically. CMOs must be strong communicators and empathetic to the needs of their customers and marketing team. They must prioritize inclusivity and diversity in their business moving forward. The customer experience is still one of the most influential factors in successful marketing. Use data to create a more personalized and memorable buyer’s journey for every lead and customer. 11 Ways CMOs Can Help Their Marketing Organizations Stay Agile in Crazy Times

The CMOs who will be the most successful in the future are those willing to reinvent their roles, challenge the status quo, think outside the box, and get their hands dirty – metaphorically speaking. Creativity, resilience, technology, and reconstruction are four buzzwords that help define the role of marketing organizations in the “new normal” (our post-pandemic world).

Incorporating the following strategies will help your team and business become more resilient to challenges so you’re able to pivot quickly and favorably.

1. Make Short-Term Plans

The pandemic forced many of us to make drastic changes quickly in our businesses. Likely, your messaging, offerings, how you run your marketing team, and how you interact with customers have all changed in some way. The environment we live in is still highly volatile. Without the right strategies, businesses can quickly sink into an inescapable abyss (AKA go out of business).

One key strategy is planning for a shorter term than you have in the past. Rather than committing to a traditional

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