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Healthcare Content Marketing: How to Do It Right (With Examples)

Healthcare content marketers have a heavy burden. They deal with complex subjects and topics and strive to connect with sophisticated buyers.

With all the challenges they face, they still do their best to create value for audiences and generate leads for their businesses.

So, how can you do healthcare content marketing right? We’ve got some ideas and examples to help you strategize and optimize your content.

Quick Takeaways Healthcare content marketing is complex because of the topics and buyers. Most healthcare organizations use content marketing, but they struggle with strategy and measuring ROI. Content marketers in healthcare have special considerations due to regulations, compliance, and privacy. For this industry, emotional marketing, storytelling, and accuracy will help you connect with your audience. What’s the State of Content Marketing in Healthcare?

Before we dive into the good stuff, it’s helpful to get the lay of the land. The 2020 State of Healthcare Content Marketing report provides some valuable information. The study surveyed content leaders and executives at hospitals across the country.

Most healthcare organizations are actively engaged in content marketing, at 89 percent. The researchers stated this is a 13 percent increase over 2019. It’s possible the pandemic provided the time and acceleration for greater adoption.

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The study revealed that content marketers use various channels and tactics to engage, attract, and convert. The top ones were social media content, blogs, videos, newsletters, illustrations, and infographics.

Healthcare content marketers did shift their content strategy in response to COVID-19. Most companies said they began to focus more on education around COVID-19 prevention and care.

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Most organizations feel their content marketing is effective, with a cumulative 92 percent saying it was somewhat or very. That’s a 7 percent decrease from the year prior.

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Very few have a documented content strategy, at only 28 percent. This is a big gap for the industry and certainly impacts the effectiveness of content marketing. They also struggle somewhat with content marketing ROI, with 23 percent saying they aren’t successful and 9 percent not tracking it at all!

Why Should Healthcare Use Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that applies to any industry or audience. Healthcare is no different, but the approaches are often different. The sector is also vast and ranges from providers and payors communicating with consumers to B2B brands that offer healthcare organizations technology, supplies, tools, and more.

However, all these niche segments present opportunities. By consistently publishing relevant, high-quality content, you can attract your audience. Not only will they find you if they search, which is how most buyers begin their journey, but you can also illustrate your experience and expertise through thought leadership.

The crux is to do healthcare content marketing right, and to do that you need to:

Be accurate always: If you’re talking about technical aspects, regulations like HIPAA, or other compliance-related content, you have to avoid fluff and be specific. Understand your buyer: In the case of B2B, those buying your products

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