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Blast the Competition with Consistency in Content Marketing

Do you ever feel like an obsessed ex stalking your competition’s content?

Did their Tweets get better engagement than yours this week? Are you still below them in the search results for those battleground keywords? What topics did they cover this month?

It sure would be great if you never had to think about them. You wouldn’t even need to know they exist most of the time.

That’s exactly the mindset you can achieve when you prioritize consistency in content marketing.

Research from Content Marketing Institute shows that B2B marketers with low-performing content rank content creation as their top challenge. Ironically, strategy – which is necessary for consistent content – comes second.

Content Marketing Institute

Once you put in the effort to develop, optimize, and stick with the right strategy, you’ll rarely worry about your competition’s content because you’ll:

Create content for a different audience. Establish authority in different topics. Target different keywords and platforms. Offer audiences distinct value.

You won’t even notice when your competitors start obsessing over your content marketing and wondering your secret. Here’s why consistency is the answer and how to get there.

Quick takeaways:

Consistency in content marketing applies to every angle: expertise, topics, keywords, voice, publishing, and platforms. Brands that prioritize consistency in their content can achieve impressive authority, trust, engagement, and loyalty by offering something unique from anything else. Strategy must come first to figure out where you stand in the content landscape and decide what unique value you can provide through your brand’s identity. What is Consistent Content Marketing?

Your visitors don’t see “consistency” in your content. They just see (hopefully) some amazing content and make a mental note to revisit that website when it appears in the search results again – and again and everywhere else.

Later, they seek that brand’s videos on YouTube, search their blog when they need a trustworthy take, and buy from them when the time is right.

They’ll say things like this to their friends:

“I love this company. They make incredible infographics and helped me figure out how to ___.”

It all started with thoughtful consistency. But what does consistency mean in content in content marketing?

Consistent content means you always:

Create content for the same audience or segments. Maintain a uniform voice in all your copy. Share content to the same channels on an expected schedule. Cover topics in the same expertise around keyword groups.

Your brand has a consistent identity you express through content – on multiple levels. You reinforce trust by publishing quality content on a consistent schedule.

How Does Consistency in Content Marketing Make You Stand Out from Competition?

Brand recall, audience trust, industry-leading authority, loyal customers – it all starts with consistent content.

As for standing out against the competition, it’s a lot like codependent vs. independent identities in any other relationship.

Constantly looking to someone else for approval, answers, or happiness isn’t healthy. But that’s exactly what happens to your brand

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